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Which Corrosive Air Diagnosis Solution is Right For Me?

Stop Planning for Equipment Failure: Avoid it All Together

Does your facility maintain a contingency plan for electrical equipment failure caused by corrosion? Prevent premature equipment failure altogether with Purafil’s corrosive air monitoring solutions.

Stop Planning for Equipment Failure: Avoid it All Together

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Does your facility maintain a contingency plan for electrical equipment failure due to corrosion? Instead of waiting until equipment fails, you could avoid corrosion related equipment failure altogether with Purafil’s full suite of corrosive air monitoring solutions.

Maintaining a Corrosion-Free Environment

Maintaining a corrosion-free environment in the first place is one of the most effective ways to ensure electronic equipment reliability, avoid added maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. Diagnosing a corrosion problem before it damages your equipment can save you time, money and manpower associated with equipment repairs and shutdowns.

Additionally, equipment warranties may require proof of compliance. Having a corrosion mitigation plan can help ensure you remain compliant and don’t void your warranty.

Infographic with blue circling arrows showing the user experience of moving through the Steps of Purafil's Corrosive Air Monitoring. Step 1 is Diagnosis, step 2 is a custom solution, step 3 is analysis and step 4 is monitoring.

Solutions at Every Step

1. Diagnosis

    Purafil’s Corrosion Coupons can diagnose the corrosion in your environment and determine if your equipment is at risk of corrosion damage. All coupons come with a free detailed report, access to our online portal, results that align with ISA standards and suggested next steps. These unobtrusive tools come at a small price compared to the costs associated with equipment failure.

    Computer with Purafil's Corrosion Coupon Portal on the screen


    Plus, enjoy the ease of use that comes with — including direct ordering online, digital registration, and our Corrosion Coupon Portal, where you can easy track return dates and results for all of your coupons.

    2. Custom Solution

      Depending on the results of step 1, Purafil’s team of experts will work with you to determine what your plan should be moving forward. Mild results will likely come with the suggestion of continued monitoring with coupons to ensure there are no changes in your environment over time. On the other hand, more severe corrosion results will likely come with a suggestion of installing a corrosion solution, like air scrubbers, to combat the corrosive air in your facilities.

      3. Analysis

        Once a custom solution has been installed, Purafil’s ISO 17025:2017 accredited lab will test media samples from your air scrubber to determine the remaining service life over time. This service is 100% complementary with filtration solutions from Purafil. For continued maintenance, planning regular filter replacements will ensure your electronics are not exposed to corrosion and that you are not performing unnecessary maintenance or early replacements.


        4. Monitoring

        At the monitoring stage of the process, you will want to ensure that any corrosion solutions that have been installed are working properly with ongoing monitoring. OnGuard Monitoring Units are useful for this purpose, as they provide real-time air quality data, corrosion levels, and provide alerts before serious problems occur.


        Solutions and a Team That Work for You

        Purafil’s Team of Experts are here to help you ensure a corrosion free environment that maintains ISA compliance in your facilities. Shop our diagnosis and monitoring solutions now or speak to a representative to customize a plan that works for you.


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