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Which Corrosive Air Diagnosis Solution is Right For Me?

Purafil's Environmental Corrosivity Report: What's Included

With the purchase of all Corrosion Coupons, customers will receive a free Environmental Corrosivity Report outlining the results of their 30-day installation. Keep reading to see what all is included in these comprehensive reports.

Purafil's Environmental Corrosivity Report: What's Included

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With the purchase of any Purafil passive diagnosis solution, customers will receive a free Environmental Corrosivity Report outlining the results of their 30-day installation. users will also enjoy a uniquely digital experience with the ability to register their coupon online and access their results as soon as they become available through Purafil’s Coupon Portal. Reports are unique to each coupon, so you can identify the environment of every room or environment of concern individually. This report provides the necessary information a company needs to understand their environment’s corrosivity and equips them with the data to decide next steps in ensuring proper air quality in their facility. Keep reading to see what all is included in these comprehensive reports.

1. Analysis by our ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Lab

All Coupon Corrosivity Reports include analysis by Purafil’s ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Lab — one of the only labs in the corrosion monitoring industry with this honor. The accreditation signifies that all of our laboratory processes and procedures exceed the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation’s (A2LA) high standards. We take pride in this prestigious certification (certificate number: 4971.01), as it allows us to provide our customers with more accurate test results.


2. Results Summary

Each report includes a summary of your results based on ISA 71.04-2013 severity level standards. Your environment will be classified under 1 of 4 classes of air quality based on the amount of corrosion detected over a 30 day period. We will also highlight the presence of, and estimated concentration levels of, common corrosive contaminants that we are able to detect during the coupon analysis process. This summary breaks down the science simply so you can easily understand exactly what it means for your facilities.

ISA Classes of Air Quality:

  • G1 Mild: Corrosion not a factor in determining equipment reliability
  • G2 Moderate: Corrosion effects are measurable and corrosion may be a factor
  • G3 Harsh: High probability that a corrosive attack will occur
  • GX Severe: Only specially designed and packaged equipment will survive


3. Corrosion Film Composition Projections up to 5 Years

You will receive future projections outlining what the corrosion film compositions could look like after 1 year and 5 years without any intervention. This is estimated using the 30-day corrosion rate of the coupon, and assuming the environment does not become more severe. Having an idea of what the copper and silver components in your electrical equipment may be up against down the road empowers you to make an educated decision when choosing next steps.

Projection Tiers

  • 1 Year
  • 5 Years

4. Breakdown of ISA Classification Details

The equipment reliability correlation data section breaks down the copper and silver film thickness (in angstroms) into something actionable. The corrosive damage to the silver and copper strips is presented in an easy-to-read graph alongside the correlating ISA classification and definition.

5. Photo of Your Individual Coupon as Received, and Before it is Processed

Each report will also include a photo of your coupon as received when it arrives back at the labs. This photo is taken before any processing occurs.


Bonus: Temperature and Humidity Data Available with the Corrosion Coupon+

Temperature and humidity can also play a role in creating an environment where corrosion thrives. Think this may be a factor in your facilities? Consider upgrading to the corrosion coupon+ model that includes a temperature and relative humidity logger.

With the Corrosion Coupon+, your Environmental Corrosivity Report will include this additional temperature and humidity data in the form of a line graph. This data is tracked continuously throughout the 30-day installation period so you will be able to roughly determine when any changes occurred. This data is presented alongside ISA standards and ASHRAE guidelines for acceptable temperature and humidity thresholds to easily see how your environment compares.


Want All of this Data in Real-Time?

Love the sound of all of that data but don’t want to wait to receive it? Do you want to verify the performance of an existing corrosion solution? Skip the 30 day wait and get your air quality data in real-time with the OnGuard series — Purafil’s line of active corrosion monitors. It’s important to note, OnGuard should never be used as a first step in diagnosing a known corrosion problem in your facilities, as a corrosive environment can damage the OnGuard as well. Refer to our blog post, Corrosion Coupons Vs. OnGuard: Which is Right for You? for more information.


Purafil’s team of experts are ready to help you find the best corrosive monitoring solution for your facilities. Reach out today to speak to a representative or start shopping now. We look forward to finding a tailored solution for your business!


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