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OnGuard Smart

  • Indicates the level of corrosion before damage occurs, preventing costly repairs/downtime
  • Ethernet enabled
  • Easy remote access to data and graphs
  • RoHS (Lead free directive. Or Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant
  • Measures corrosion, room air pressure, temperature, & relative humidity on a continuous basis
  • Provides incremental and cumulative corrosion data
  • Easy to install
  • Long service life
  • Readings correspond to ISA Standard 71.04-2013
Ships within 2 weeks (Orders of 50 or more will ship within 4 weeks)
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Indicates the level of corrosion before severe damage occurs, preventing costly downtime and maintenance repairs. The OnGuard’s copper and silver sensors measure the rate of corrosion in real-time. An internal data logger stores the results to be accessed through the internet or directly transmit to a process control system. The latest generation of OnGuard monitors now includes a room pressure sensor.

Since installing the complete Purafil solution, electronics failure has been eliminated, and they continue to maintain an G1 environment as classified by the International Society of Automation (ISA) Standard 71.04-2013 “Environmental Equipment Conditions for Process Management and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants” - India’s Largest Telecom Company

Since utilizing Purafil, this critical control room has maintained a corrosion free environment for over 10 consecutive years. - A Major Paperboard Manufacturer

Purafil was selected because of their experience in the industrial marketplace and superior performance of their air purification systems. Purafil provided the technical knowledge and equipment necessary to build controlled environments that would protect production processes, and meet the standards established by the International Society of Automation (ISA). - World’s Largest Refinery

"Together, we developed an environmental control system that now works behind the scenes, protecting Michelangelo’s delicate work for future generations." - Representative, Preserving the Masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel

Corrosion Circuit Board





This standard requires that rooms containing backplane wired equipment, instrumentation, process control systems or computers, must have a G1 environmental classification, defined in terms of corrosion thickness as 0-299 Angstroms (Å) per 30 days on copper and 0-199 Å per 30 days on silver coupons. Purafil provides a report that directly correlates to the G1, G2, G3, and GX ratings.


Tracks peaks and trends to determine the level of corrosion

Measures temperature, relative humidity, and room pressure

Low maintenance: Sensors remain reliable until reaching 4000 Angstroms of cumulative corrosion

Direct interface provided by the backlit LCD and keypad

Remote power from network cable (PoE)

4-20mA connection for existing facility management systems or distributed control systems (DCS)

Accurate within ± 1% of full span

pressure sensor for rooms under positive or negative pressure



Diagnosis in real time — no 30 day wait or return shipping required.

OrGuard Products

Step 1 - Order

Select the OnGuard that is the right fit for your facilities & determine how many spaces would benefit from having real-time corrosion monitoring — One OnGuard is recommended for each AHU (air handling unit).

OnGuard Installation

Step 2 - Installation

Follow the instructions to setup & Install your new OnGuard Monitor. OnGuard can be powered by a number of sources, depending on the needs of the facility.

Real-Time Data Collection

Step 3 - Real-Time Data Collection

With OnGuard installed you can now begin measuring the rate of corrosion, temperature, & relative humidity in real-time. Real-time readings help determine precisely when changes occur in your facilities & diagnose the source of corrosion. Collected data can be viewed live on your web browser & you can also set up email alerts for when specified thresholds are reached.

Peace of Mind

Step 4 - Peace of Mind

OnGuard Readings correspond to ISA Standard 71.04-2013 & are accurate within ± 1% of full span.

Enjoy the peace of mind that active corrosion monitoring brings by preventing costly downtime and maintenance repairs.

Step 1 - Order

Step 2 - Installation

Step 3 - Real-Time Data Collection

Step 4 - Peace of Mind

  • Industrial & Mission Critical Environments

    Industrial & Mission Critical Environments

    • Control Rooms
    • Rack Rooms
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Data Centers
    • Server Rooms
    • Critical Parts Storage Rooms

  • Museum & Library Environments:

    Museum & Library Environments:

    • Recirculation Air Handlers
    • Storage Rooms
    • Display Cases
    • Archives
    • Historic Houses

  • Clean Room Manufacturing Environments:

    Clean Room Manufacturing Environments:

    • Semiconductor
    • HDD
    • LED
    + more

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Real-time readings help determine precisely when changes occur in your facilities & diagnose the source of corrosion