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Which Corrosive Air Diagnosis Solution is Right For Me?

Corrosion Coupons vs. OnGuard: Which Is Right For You?

While both OnGuard Devices and Corrosion Coupons utilize copper and silver to measure the corrosivity of the surrounding air, there are a number of factors that will determine which one your facilities will benefit most from.

Corrosion Coupons vs. OnGuard: Which Is Right For You?

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Which Purafil monitoring solution is the best for your facilities? The short answer is, it depends. While both OnGuard Devices and Corrosion Coupons utilize copper and silver metal to measure the corrosivity of the surrounding air, there are a number of factors that will determine which one your facilities will benefit most from. It is also important to note that corrosion occurs faster at higher temperatures and higher humidity levels. If these are factors in your environment, choosing a monitoring solution with temperature and humidity logging could be a great option.

A Hand Holding a Corrosion Coupon

Diagnosis Over a 30-Day Time Period with Corrosion Coupons

With Corrosion Coupons, you will be measuring the rate of corrosion over a 30-day period. Once installed in your facilities, a coupon must remain in its test site for a total of 30-days. After the installation period is up, coupons must be returned to the Purafil lab for analysis. These results are not instantaneous, so facilities with lower corrosion risk will benefit most from coupons as a part of their continued air monitoring strategy. Facilities without an already established corrosion monitoring plan may also find Corrosion Coupons useful as a starting point in building their strategy. Additionally, coupons can be a useful tool for those in the business of constructing and leasing spaces out to susceptible industries like Data Centers, as coupon reports provide the needed information to ensure ANSI/ISA-71.04-2013 compliance

Benefits of Passive Monitoring

  • Free detailed air quality report including data and graphs available in the Corrosion Coupon Portal after returning to Purafil for lab analysis
  • Unobtrusive, easy installation and data gathering
  • Provides the documentation required for manufacturers’ warranty compliance
  • Low Cost
  • Analysis by Purafil’s ISO 17025:2017 accredited lab
  • Temperature and humidity data can also be collected with the Corrosion Coupon+ (data over the 30 day exposure is shared as a graph in the coupon report)

In Conclusion

Corrosion Coupons can be a great starting point for facilities that are looking to begin their corrosive air monitoring strategy as coupons can be a relatively inexpensive way to gauge your equipment’s risk for corrosion damage. Coupons can also play an important role in a company's continued monitoring strategy if their results show their corrosion levels do not pose an immediate threat.


A Hand Holding an OnGuard Smart Corrosion Monitor

Real-Time Diagnosis with OnGuard

With OnGuard Monitoring units, you will be measuring the rate of corrosion in real-time. This means no 30-day wait period or return shipping required. Unlike Corrosion Coupons, OnGuard does not have to be sent back to the Purafil Labs for analysis. An internal data logger processes and reports on your facilities air quality data in real time, making it available to you online or through your existing process control system — anytime, anywhere. OnGuard is perfect for facilities like data centers who utilize sensitive electronic equipment or maintain environments that are susceptible to high levels of outside air contamination. Facilities with an existing corrosion control solution and a history of corrosion damage to their equipment may also benefit from active monitoring — OnGuard can assist in pinpointing failure in your filtration system, or the origin of corrosion sources by measuring changes in air quality constantly, while Corrosion Coupons can only provide air quality data over a 30 day average. OnGuards should not be used as a first step in diagnosis if you are aware of existing and unaddressed corrosion issues, as it too could be damaged by unaddressed corrosion.


Benefits of Active Monitoring

OnGuard can be a great addition to your corrosive air monitoring strategy. Here are a few of the benefits of installing the OnGuard active monitoring unit in your facilities:

  • Free detailed air quality reports including data and graphs available remotely
  • Accurate within ± 1% of full span
  • Low maintenance tool: copper and silver sensors remain reliable until reaching 4000 Angstroms of cumulative corrosion
  • Can connect to existing facility management systems or distributed control systems (DCS) with a 4-20mA connection
  • Receive email alerts when specified thresholds are reached
  • Temperature and humidity data is collected and reported in real-time on all OnGuard Models

In Conclusion

OnGuard Monitors can be a useful tool for facilities at high risk of poor air quality or those with a history of equipment damage due to corrosion that want to ensure their corrosion solution is working. Companies with sensitive electronic equipment such as Data Centers can utilize OnGuard Monitors to diagnose the source of corrosion and prevent future equipment failure.


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Develop a Corrosion Monitoring Strategy Today

Purafil’s goal is to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive by providing clean air to vulnerable critical environments. Need help deciding on the best option for your business? You can trust our team of experts to create a personalized strategy tailored to what your facility needs. Contact us today or explore Purafil’s Corrosive Monitoring Solutions.


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