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Don’t Get Left Behind: Reactivity Monitoring is Now an Industry Standard for Data Center Construction

Monitoring the air quality within a data center is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for the day-to-day operation of the facilities. A number of factors such as high levels of air pollution and airborne corrosive contaminants could lead to the failure of mission critical electronic equipment and facility downtime if left unchecked. On average, it costs $300K an hour anytime a data center experiences downtime in their facilities. This breaks down to $5,600 lost per minute. Don’t get left behind with outdated services, speak to one of Purafil’s Corrosion Control Experts today to learn how you can protect Data Centers from this invisible threat.

Ensure Your Facilities Compliance with ISA Air Quality Standards

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has created a standard to measure these environmental conditions. Reactivity monitoring tools like the OnGuard Smart and Corrosion Coupon can help determine which ISA level your buildings air quality falls under.

ISA Corrosion Levels

G1 Mild: Corrosion not a factor on determining equipment reliability

G2 Moderate: Corrosion effects are measurable and corrosion may be a factor

G3 Harsh: High probability that a corrosive attack will occur

GX Severe: Only specially designed and packaged equipment will survive


Free analysis and reporting is Included with all Purafil Corrosive Air Diagnosis Solutions.


Corrosion Coupons & OnGuard Monitoring

Purafil’s Corrosion Monitoring Solutions include both silver and copper to test air quality. These metals are representative of the equipment in a data center and can provide insight into how that equipment is being effected by the surrounding environment.


Environmental Corrosivity Analysis

In addition to testing, all corrosion monitoring solutions come with a free air quality analysis and results breakdown. With the OnGuard, this analysis happens directly within the unit.

When testing with Corrosion Coupons, after a 30-day testing period, coupons are sent back to our labs — the ONLY corrosive air diagnosis facilities with the ISO 17025:2017 lab accreditation. Our team analyzes the coupons, providing a comprehensive report of the results along with a tailored solution.


All at Your Fingertips: From Registration to Reporting

Purafil’s Corrosion Coupon process is uniquely digital. Once registered in the portal, you will be able to track the life cycle of your coupon as it moves through each step, from placement to reporting. Once analysis is complete, you will be notified and directed to your report.




What’s Included in the Free Report?