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Which Corrosive Air Diagnosis Solution is Right For Me?

OnGuard: Monitor the Effects of Harsh Industrial Processes

For manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, the OnGuard monitoring unit can be a great addition to any corrosion mitigation plan to ensure solutions are working at full capacity.

OnGuard: Monitor the Effects of Harsh Industrial Processes

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Manufacturing plants and industries that utilize harsh processes may find themselves dealing with a corrosive environment where tools like air scrubbers are necessary to counteract it. After ensuring a corrosive air solution is in place, the OnGuard monitoring unit can be a great addition to any corrosion mitigation plan to ensure those solutions are working at full capacity, and that environmental conditions do not change without notice.

Real-Time Monitoring

The OnGuard series from Purafil provides users with real-time reactivity monitoring. Getting this data as it occurs can be extremely insightful, as it is much easier to determine the cause of environmental spikes when you can track it precisely. With OnGuard, users have the ability to view both incremental and cumulative data overtime. This includes copper and silver corrosion levels, as well as temperature, humidity and room pressure.

The OnGuard features a 4-20mA connection for existing facility management  systems or distributed control systems (DCS), as well as ethernet connectivity. Additional email alert functionality lets you receive notification as soon as factors like temperature, humidity or corrosion level reaches certain thresholds. With OnGuard, if your facilities air scrubbers fail or changes in your processes are causing spikes in your corrosion levels, you’ll know.

Low Maintenance

The OnGuard’s compact size of 3.5in x 5.5in ensures it will fit into just about any industrial space with easy installation in no time. The copper and silver sensors remain reliable until reaching 4000 Angstroms of cumulative corrosion, meaning general maintenance can be kept at minimum.

Avoid Costly Downtime

At Purafil, we have helped a number of different industries create tailored solutions for their space. Using copper and silver surfaces representative of the electrical equipment in your facilities, OnGuard can help your plant avoid unexpected downtime, equipment repairs, and unnecessary maintenance costs. If you aren’t actively monitoring your space for corrosive air, it can cost you.

Cost of Downtime by Industry 

The cost of downtime per hour is calculated as total annual production X price of the product = annual revenue / hours in a year.

  • Paper mill downtime costs $213,698 an hour*
    (4,800,000 mt/a X $390/Ton = $1,872,000,000 / 8760hrs)

  • Oil refinery downtime costs $1,421,000 an hour*
    (290,000 BPD X $2.80 per gallon = $12,447,960,000 / 8760hrs)

*typical examples based on real world locations

Hands holding an OnGuard 4000 and an OnGuard Smart Unit

OnGuard Smart vs OnGuard 4000

Both the OnGuard Smart and OnGuard 4000 are relatively similar in functionality. In addition to measuring corrosion, temperature, & relative humidity on a continuous basis the OnGuard smart also measures room air pressure to track changes in your negative or positively pressurized spaces.

Shop OnGuard today to add it to your corrosion monitoring strategy or speak to a corrosion control expert at Purafil to learn more about our services.



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