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Purafil Provides Sophisticated Solution for Chinese Data Center

Purafil Provides Sophisticated Solution for Chinese Data Center

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A Chinese conglomerate that specializes in providing Internet based products  and services including social networking, music, web portals, e-commerce, mobile games, Internet services, payment systems, smartphones, and multiplayer online games recently built a massive data center in Tianjin to store the vast network of servers required to keep their immense offering running. With the goal of reducing energy consumption, the company decided to use a free cooling system that would introduce free cool air into the data center. As the new data center was being design, Purafil was tapped to ensure their goals could be met. Purafil was involved from the inception of the project and was able to help this Internet giant remove contaminants and prevent corrosion.


Tianjin is a seaside city which means chloride contaminants are common in the air. Additionally, air pollution from the industrial district is high, making a free cooling system an immensely challenging project. The particles and gaseous contaminants need to be removed from the air for the free cooling system to function properly and prevent corrosion. Purafil’s solution was to add both particulate and chemical filters into their system.


Purafil installed 1,000 Puragrid-PCB filters in the air inlet of the free cooling system. This allows for more control over the corrosion rate (within level G1) once they begin free cooling. To ensure server safety, Purafil also installed the OnGuard 4000 to monitor corrosion rates. The system has worked beautifully as Purafil’s solution was able to take corrosion levels from G3 (high probability of corrosion) to G1 (corrosion is not a factor). In addition to the cost savings that stem from reducing energy consumption, this world-leading Internet provider has the peace of mind that their data center operations will run smoothly thanks to the cooling and corrosion prevention that Purafil’s solution provides.


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